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found this gem in the 1996 Cornell Women’s Handbook. it’s what to say when a guy tries to get out of using a condom

"It takes too long"So does raising a fucking child


my idea of wealth has changed. when i was little i’d dream about living in a giant mansion with like a tennis court and a bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool and all other sorts of sports things i’d never use. now when i fantasize i’m like, “maybe someday i’ll be able to rent a one bedroom apartment and live there alone.”

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my last words will probably be sarcastic

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this is rly important to me

honestly one of the most profound things I’ve ever read


kissing is great

but wow when you get to kiss someone you have feelings for and you’ve wanted to kiss them for the longest time and you get to stroke their face and you’re so aware of their body and how nice their lips feel

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